Shine On: Why Automotive Ceramic Coating is a Must

There are a lot of good reasons to have ceramic coating professionally applied to your vehicle, especially if you live in the Santa Clarita area with its relentless sun and extreme summertime temperatures that quickly oxidize unprotected paint.

Consider ceramic coating SPF for your ride.

Here, the experts at Pristine Auto Care explain what ceramic coating is and why your vehicle is vulnerable without it.

Ceramic Coating: Your Ride's Second Skin

Car enthusiasts want two things: Horsepower and paint so pristine the vehicle looks like it rolled right off the factory floor. But here’s the thing about that factory paint job: It’s not going last. That new-car shine will eventually lose its luster under the punishing SoCal sun. That’s why many car lovers opt for ceramic coating. It’s an aftermarket solution that protects painted metals from fading and rusting.

How Ceramic Coating Works

Ceramic coating is a nanoscopic paint treatment, what we call “liquid nano-ceramic.” That means nanoparticles anchor to the surface of your vehicle, forming a chemically bonded clear coat that shields against grease, oil, acids, dirt and water. These things will roll off the surface like water off a duck’s back. The ceramic coating provides a durable finish that inhibits corrosion, minimizes scratches and resists stains while producing an exceptional shine.

Ceramic Coating vs. Wax

We know what you’re thinking: But doesn’t waxing protect against fading? Wax seals against environmental pollutants but only temporarily. You’ll need to wax your ride every four to six weeks – consider upping the frequency if you park outside in a harsh climate (i.e. Santa Clarita in August.) Unlike ceramic coating, which forms a chemical bond with the surface, wax simply sits atop your vehicle. It’s not nearly as durable.

Ceramic Coating: Can You DIY?

We don’t recommend it. Any mistakes a DIYer makes will be permanent. (Sorry, but those ugly swirls will never buff out.) The process of applying a liquid nano-ceramic is complicated. That’s why our applicators undergo extensive training and follow a detailed, multistep process, including a heat-treating process, to ensure quality control. Properly applied and maintained, a ceramic coating can last a lifetime.

Ceramic Coating for Boats and RVs, Too

Do you want to keep your boat looking its best while zipping around Castaic Lake? Maybe you want to keep your camper glossy while enjoying the Great Outdoors. Pristine Auto Care can apply the same clear coat technology to boats and RVs. We can even give your four-wheeler a ceramic coat to keep it clean while off-roading at Drinkwater Flats.

When you want to protect your ride from damaging UV rays, dirt and scratches, give it a coat of protective armor, applied by the experts at Pristine Auto Care. To schedule an estimate, contact us today at (661) 766-5774.